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please help support our rape crisis center if you can!

I'll be joining the 2nd annual benefit walk for Boston Area Rape Crisis Center on April 1st in Cambridge, MA and am seeking out sponsors. I'm almost sort of a little at my goal. Even a couple dollars helps!

Sponsor me online here:

If you'd like to actually JOIN the walk, you can register online at

BARCC and all of the incredible survivors it serves, appreciate it so very much.

More info about BARCC and sexual assault:

It is estimated that one in four women and one in seven men are sexually abused at some point in thier lives. Approximately 85 percent of survivors knew their perpetator, whether it was a family member, intimate partner, co-worker, date, or "friend".

In the year 2000, the crime of rape remains the least reported, least indicted, and least convicted of any major felony. Only 16 out of 100 victims report the crime to police, and only 1 in 100 convicted rapists serve a prison term of more than one year.

BARCC is the second oldest rape crisis center in the country and provides emergency services, medical advocacy, legal advocacy, counseling, groups, and groundbreaking public education to our community for free.

Last year, BARCC served over 8,500 women, men and adolescents and reached out to individuals who are least able to otherwise access our services. These include adolescent boys and girls, financially disadvantaged women, linguistic minorities, women of color, the elderly, the homeless, and disabled women. BARCC provides these services to individuals in Cambridge as well as throughout the greater Boston area (within the Rte 128 belt).

We are run almost entirely by dedicated, intensively trained volunteers, and are in constant danger of having our limited government funding cut completely. 

So much good can happen if we come together!


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