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zine about eating disorders

I'm re-posting this for a friend. Please submit if you're interested!



i'm working on a zine about problems with food and eating disorders.
won't you please contribute?!

here's the gist of it:

who gets eating disorders?? straight white upper class cis women??

and why?? because all they care about is how they look? they're
trying to please their boyfriends? they have low self-esteem? they
have too much time on their hands? they're self absorbed? they're
superficial? they're clueless?

sound familiar? i want to challenge this common understanding of
problems with eating and eating disorders.

lots of people have problems with eating and eating disorders,
especially people who experience one or more forms of oppression.
problems with eating and eating disorders often serve as coping
mechanisms, attempts to manage the physical and psychic violence we
experience on a daily basis in a white supremacist capitalist
colonialist ableist patriarchy.

resonate?? send me your work! i want your poetry, i want your
prose, i want your art. i want to compile a zine that is part
personal narrative, part political analysis. i hope it can serve as a
resource for people who struggle with eating, as well as our allies,
in activist communities.

a few ideas of places to start:

* the term 'eating disorder.' its use, its limitation

* what's your story? what does/did your struggle with food look like?
restrictive eating, compulsive eating, emotional eating, anorexia,
bulimia, ???

* your experience of struggling with food in radical/activist
communities. in queer and trans communities. in fat positive

* problems with eating and: race, class, gender, sexuality, ability

* problems with eating and sexual abuse/violence

* problems with eating and mental health

* problems with eating and artistic practice

* problems with eating and activist work

* healing process

* new visions of recovery that include social justice


please send me your stuff by april 1, 2012. email is:
wearewritingazine@gmail.com. if you prefer snail mail, get in touch,
i'll give you the addy. thank you. can't wait to hear from you.
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