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ed_feminist's Journal

feminists fighting eating disorders
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a community for feminists who are struggling with eating disorders, as well as non-sufferers who are interested in looking at EDs from a feminist perspective. you don't need to be suffering from an ED to join and contribute! :)

these disorders are so tied up in ideals of beauty and perceptions of women-if not for all who suffer, certainly in the eyes of other feminists. as feminists, we are often met with hostility and misunderstanding when attempting to discuss our fight with EDs.

this community provides a safe space for discussion of feminism, eating disorders, and the intersection of the two, wherever that may be for each member.

this is NOT a pro-ED community. it is not necessary to be in active recovery to join or post, but posts or comments of a typically "pro-ana" nature will not be tolerated. this is also a queer-friendly space. homophobic posts will be immediately deleted and posters will be banned.

ground rules for all other recovery communities apply here: no tips or tricks, no bragging about your ED, no numbers. lengthy or potentially triggering posts should be placed behing an LJ-cut.